A new approach
to industrial

We invest in fundamental scientific breakthroughs by leading innovators to solve industry’s hardest problems in critical impact sectors


We invest in companies with massive impact potential

We work with our portfolio founders to chart the path from scientific breakthrough to commercial success: accelerate technology de-risking, verify product market fit, and reduce time/resource to market. Scaled successfully, these companies will enable us to redefine industries across the globe while meeting critical climate goals and feed a growing world sustainably.


We believe the hardest problems of today will be solved with scientific breakthroughs


From generation to storage, increasing access to affordable, reliable and renewable energy


Advanced materials for building better, more sustainable goods and infrastructure at a global scale


Process and technology innovation for sustainable manufacturing


Increasing production while reducing waste and carbon emission to feed a growing world

What We Look For

As an early-stage investor, we seek out leading innovators with game changing technologies who want to redefine industry. The ideal founding teams are often multi-disciplinary, recognize what they do not know and exhibit the leadership potential to close the knowledge gap.



With deep connections to an expansive network of high-tech focused visionary leaders across academia, corporations and venture ecosystems who are committed to supporting scientific entrepreneurs and innovations, we partner with our advisors to source, diligence, mentor and connect ISV portfolio companies with the resources needed for their future success.


Latest news about our portfolio companies

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Introducing MIT Technology Review’s 2023 list of 15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch

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November 30, 2023

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November 30, 2023

Micro Heat Pump Field Study Results - Product Council

November 30, 2023

Bill Gates-backed Antora is making big batteries to help factories transition to clean energy

November 30, 2023

Fervo Energy Raises $138 Million for 24/7 Carbon-Free Next-Generation Geothermal Energy

August 22, 2022

Microsoft and Alaska Airlines are working with this startup to make clean jet fuel from carbon emissions

August 22, 2022

Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul Announce $70 Million Initial Investment to Decarbonize NYCHA Buildings as Part of Clean Heat for All Challenge

August 2, 2022

4 startups that investors and the auto industry are betting on to help the electric-vehicle-battery industry navigate a massive supply shortage

July 26, 2022

Umaro Foods Launches Bacon in Favorite Restaurants From Coast to Coast

July 18, 2022

Power Players: Meet 30 leaders driving the electric-vehicle revolution at white-hot companies like Rivian, GM, and Lucid

June 19, 2022

Brimstone to Produce the World’s First Carbon-Negative Portland Cement

April 28, 2022

These scientists bonded over toilet tech. Now they’re working on carbon-free cement

April 28, 2022

Umaro is turning ocean-farmed seaweed into imitation bacon

April 27, 2022

Read the 11-slide pitch deck startup Liminal used to scoop up $8 million to help electric car makers avoid costly battery recalls — and get ahead of Tesla

April 5, 2022

Antora Energy Raises More Than $50M to Decarbonize Heavy Industry With Renewable Heat and Power as Cheap as Fossil Fuels

February 16, 2022

Bill Gates and Chris Sacca invest in energy storage start-up Antora to help heavy industry go green

February 16, 2022

Sepion Technologies Closes Oversubscribed $16M Series A to Commercialize Safe, Manufacturable Lithium-Metal Batteries

November 18, 2021

Cody Finke

CEO and Co-Founder

Impact science ventures has the superpower of being able to think critically with you about the unique fundraising strategies required for hardtech. ISV puts the company first. if you are a hardtech entrepreneur, these are the type of investors that you want to work with.

Etosha Cave

CSO & Co-Founder

Impact Science Ventures is building for the future. They have a talented team of industry veterans who can provide financial resources and knowledge for deep tech entrepreneurs.

Matt Price

President & CFO

The experience of the ISV team and their alignment with Activate's missions provides ISV with a unique position of building strong and valuable relationships with all Activate Fellows during the earliest stages of their companies. Their deep understanding of what it takes for hard tech entrepreneurs to create equity value in their business causes them to be a go-to investor for Activate companies.

Andrew Ponec

CEO & Co-Founder

The folks at ISV are always one of my first calls when we're discussing big strategic decisions. Their depth and breadth of experience, alignment with our vision, and willingness to go to bat for our team make them an incredibly valuable partner.